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Sean Paul

Baby Boy

Certified quality
A data da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology
Buck dem da right way data my policy
Sean Paul alongside now hear what da man say - Beyonce
Duty Ya, Duty Ya, Duty Ya
Beyonce sing it now ya

Baby Boy u stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think aboutchu all da time
I see you in my dreams
Baby Boy not a day goes by without my fantasy
I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams

Ah... Oh... My baby's fly baby goes
yes... No... Hurt me so good baby oh
I'm so wrapped up in ya love
Let me go, let me breathe
Stay out my fantasies

Ya ready gimme da ting data ya ready get ya live
And tell me all about da tings that you will fantasize
I know you dig da way me step da way me make my stride
Follow your feelings baby girl b/c they cannot be denied
Come check me in-a night and make we get it amplified
Me have da ting to run da ship cause I’m go slip and I’mgoslide
And in the words of love I got at get it certified
But I give you da toughest longest kinda ride – girl

[Beyonce - chorus]

Picture us dancing real close
In a dark dark corner of a basement party
Every time I close my eyes
Its like everyone left but you and me
In our own little world
The music is the sun
The dance floor becomes the sea
Feels like true paradise to me

[Beyonce - chorus]

Baby boy you stay on my mind
Baby boy you are so damn fine
And, baby boy wont you be mine
Baby boy let's
Consider laying down

[Sean Paul - Rap]
Top top girl
Me and ya together is a wrap data girl
Driven around da town in ya drop top girl
U no stop shock girl
Lil mo da Duty, well rock data world

[Beyonce - chorus]

We steppin up outta this year
We steppin it up outta this year
I know you gon like it
I know you gon like it

Im steppin up outta this year
Im steppin it up outta this year
So dont you fight it
So dont you fight it



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