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4 u

This shit right here is for you,
All your faces I can see,
You all think it's about me.

I'm about to break.
This is my fate.
Am I stilled damned to a life...
of misery and hate.

You would never no,
What I'd do for you,
What you all helped me through,
I'll do for you.
I could,
If it wasn't...
For you.


It's Gonna Go Away

I don't want this to go away,
It's gonna go away
I'm so scared,
It's gonna go away
I can't see what's going on,

We all crumble,
It's gonna go away
We crumble under pressure

It's gonna go away. (x10)


Korn - 4 u Letras de
Discos Korn - 4 u Musica de Korn - 4 u Recitales, Partituras, Letras de Korn - 4 u



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