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Justin Timberlake

Like I Love You

Something about you
We all lookin at each other,Whatever
Keep lookin at me
You scared now,right?
Don´t fear me baby
It´s Just Justin
You feel good right?

I kind noticed you one nigth
You gotta frump face
It´s kinda weird to me
Since you so fine
It´s up to me your face will change

If you smilin that should set the tone
(just remember)
If you let go the music
should move your bones
(just remember)

Sing this song with me

Ain´t nobody love you like I love you
You´re the girl
and that´s what makes me trust you
Late at nigth I talk to you
You will know the difference when I touch you

People are so phony
Nosy cause they want me
Aren´t you sick of the same thing?
They say so and so datin´
Love,they probably hatin´
But doesn´t matter anyway
Cause we are here tonight

Sing this song with me


Let me to make you happy
I could change your life
(if you give me that chance,to be your man)
I won´t let you down Baby
(if you give me that chance,to beyour man)
Yo baby,hold my jacket
And then...

Maybe wee´ll fly the nigth away
(I just want to lov you baby)
Maybe we´llfly the night away
(I just wanna love ya baby)

Ma´ whatcha want to do?
I´ve been feelin you
From the front seat
I can have feeling too
Or me and you put on the stage show
And them mall kids
that´s how they stay low
Funny how they say ´wow,it´s the same glow´
Look at me I say ´yea,it´s the same dough´
You the same type
You my air,like
You have me sleepin´
in the same bed every nigth

Yo mami,you deservin´the best
Take a few shots
Have it burnin your chest
We can wild out
Punpin´how n.e.r.d on the deck
Funny how a few words
turn into sex (I just love your brain...)
Play 3,joint called brain
Ma,took a hint
Had me swerve in the lane
Name malicious
And I burm every track
Clipse and Jtinberlake
Now how heavy I that?

Maybe we´ll fly away tonigth
(I just wanna love ya)
Maybe we´ll fly away tonigth
(I just wanna love ya,girl...)


You know
I used to dream about this
when I was a little boy
I never thoight it would end up this way

Something special right,yeah
You know when you think about
Tell these people it´s destiny
Doin´what we do
And that´s what it is

Now everybody dance


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